Monday, August 27, 2012

My name is Jason Ross. I am 33 years old Autistic Adult and an Autistic Rights Activist. I am pursuing my goal to help other Autistic people from all ages to be able to gain the support, strength, and empowerment any one else would need to live their life. Every one is different and unique.  No body can take dignity away from any one. We are all here for a reason. Some of those reasons are to be able to help each other along the way. I was featured in a few different media and publications already.
I do artwork and meditation for relaxation as a hobby. I want to be able to do more artwork and do it better each time. Meditation helps me relax and clear away the influences from the day. I love to help people in what ever way I can.  I use my hobby in artwork and writing to help express myself to help others, but I want to do this more in person. I am highly motivated to help.  I am hoping to help mentor an Autistic Adult in the future who I met recently.  I blog at Drive Mom Crazy, since 2007 and host the Autistic Artistic Carnival on my blog every year on June 18, Autistic Pride Day.  I will be simultaneously writing blogs on this website as well.

By the way, I love all animals and will be posting pictures of the family dog Chloe on here too!

I am happy to be a part of this blog, Katie!! Thank you for the opportunity, J :)

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