Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guest Post By Tara

 We have a new guest blogger today. Tara Marshall is an autistic adult.
"I keep hearing a lot of people say that vaccines can't be related to Autism.
Oh, really? I'm an Autistic who has a lot of Autoimmune issues. My mother had Guillain Barre Syndrome from a flu shot while she was pregnant with me, and we'd both be dead if they hadn't got her a ventilator fast enough. One of her sisters got polio from the Salk vaccine, the other sister was Autistic too. Aunt Alison has lived in institutions and group homes since she was sick.

And my nephew was an interactive, babbling, perfectly normal little boy who spoke about 10 words when he went in for an appointment at 15 months of age where they gave him the DTaP and the MMR. The NEXT DAY he just sat there drooling, and making really nasty messes in his diapers. It was horrible. No cries to tell us his diaper needed changing, no more asking for mommy, or food, or ANYTHING.

And then he was diagnosed with Autism a month later. Besides being Autistic myself, I work with children with Autism, and I've heard similar stories to my nephew's in DOZENS of children. Seizures, high fevers, loss of language, loss of interaction... and all within a week of vaccination.

The older Autistic people I know are mostly less severely affected. If we underwent a regression, it usually tracked with an infection and happened later in our lives. Vaccines can be a problem."

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