Monday, August 13, 2012


THIS is severe autism with possible severe Intellectual Disability (ID). We don't know.

I wrote a prospective letter to Brittany Nobrega, an young adult affected with extremely severe autistic disorder.
I wrote a prospective letter to Brittany.

Dear Brittany Nobrega,
I'm sorry to hear that you were abused by your care-taker and that you suffered terribly as a result. Unfortunately, in the world of ASD, abuse and torture are very common. How do I know that, you may ask?

I also have an autism spectrum disorder, commonly referred to as, high-functioning autism. While I can speak pretty well, I often miss the non-verbal body language and social cues that typical people know instinctively. As a result of my social, emotional, and sensory challenges, I was frequently bullied and tormented.

While the author of this quote is partially correct, I think that you and I can both agree that ASD is a serious disability that presents many challenges.
"The irony is that for some (not all, pls don't jump down my throat) with autism - their own autism prevents them from seeing others' autism as different and far more severe."

However, I do agree with the author that my perspective regarding severe ASD is influenced by my own perspective-taking impairment caused by my ASD.

I have some questions for you, Brittany.

Have you heard of Jeremy Sicili-Kira? I'm going to assume that you are like him. If you had different care-takers who bought you a laptop, would you be able to type on it?
I detest when other people speak for people with ASD. As I always say, I have autism, and I can speak for myself (courtesy of speech therapy and other training).

For the sake of experiments (don't worry, I'm not Big Pharma), what would happen if we put you in all Honors/Advanced Placement classes with a para-professional (aide)? Would you become high-functioning? This, at least in two subjects, is what I would have preferred when I was in high school.

What would happen if we gave some biomedical treatments that have helped so many with ASD? First, we have to de-infiltrate your care-takers from the teachings of our medical establishment.

What would happen if we enrolled you in a community college? I have been attending one since 2009.

Do you ever feel "retarded?" I do, but I know that I'm am NOT .
- Katie

P.S. I wish you were on Facebook so I could ask you, DIRECTLY."


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  1. You letter to Brittany I see lots of the same things I went through having AS. Abuse, teasing, and bullying; seems it is so hard for our NT counterparts to understand us. You have also mentioned something about feeling retarded, but knowing you are not. I recall, before knowing what my condition is asking a teacher about why I am different; "am I retarded?" She answered "no, you are not retarded; you are just slow in some ways."
    I am today a middle aged adult. I have an associates degree in Electronics. I have worked at a battery charger manufacturer, until downsized. I currently work full time at an auto parts manufacturer, Tenneco Automotive.