Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Little About Me and My Life

My name is Susan.. I am 40 yrs. old.  Married to a Retired Coast Guardsman.  I am a Stay at Home Mom/ Homeschooling Mom to my 6.5 yr. old speech delayed son.  We are Raw/Vegan/Fruitarian (Grain, Soy, and Gluten Free).  What a HUGE difference it makes living this healthier lifestyle..!!!!!!!!

Years ago I was very unhealthy. I have relatives and friends who are suffering with Cancer.  I am healthier than I have ever been in my life.  I attribute that to all  I have done since I have discovered alternative health methods. Yay!!!!

Katie asked me to be a contributor to this Blog site..

So here is some background into my insight on Autism.

As a baby; my son was characterized by docs as being an Autistic.  He had a lot of ailments that are clumped together to give the impression he was Autistic or on the Spectrum.  I don't like to refer to my son as an Autistic..Not that there is anything "wrong" with being and Autistic or anyone of the like....

Our story is much too long to type here..

My informational website basically tells the whole story....


We are doing a lot of alternative health methods to treat some of his biological ailments related to his big speech delay.  I am proud to report that it is working like a charm.  He is doing so great with it all.. We are currently detoxing some Mercury.  He was getting slower or almost at a standstill as far as his progress with his speech.. We went to the doctor yesterday and he was muscle tested for weakness in the body and he came back as needing to detox Mercury.  How about that..??!!! Sounds fitting...  I believe he will make huge progress with his speech once we finish this homeopathic mercury detox.

We are also currently doing an all around allergy treatment called LZR-7.  Getting great results from that.. I truly recommend others give it a try.

Here is a video that explains what it is about and what happens...


I look forward to contributing and learning more from this site...

Come by my informational website and see if there is anything you might be open to learning or applying to your own life.

Hugs to all


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  1. ****Update****

    I thought I would type an update on my son... Since we started homeopathically detoxing the mercury recently.. He has made HUGE strides to success.. He is sounding out more letters.. His brain is so active.. He is writing letters.. He is spelling out full words.. He keeps asking us Why Why Why??????? Everything is Why..... ???? LOL...This is HUGE for him...

    I wanted to share this success on here.. I am so happy and pleased with his progress... Yay!!!!!