Monday, August 13, 2012

Guest Post By Angela

 We have a guest post today by Angela, Marissa's sister. Marissa is a 21-year-old with autism.

"i am 18 years old. my sister can make me very angry sometimes, but i wouldnt trade her for anyone else, otherwise she wouldnt be my sister. sometiems i wonder what things would be like if she did not have a disability. i wish i could experience a "normal" life. but there is no point in thinking this way, since i cannot change her, and i love her just the way she is
Marissa is challenged in the areas of social skills, learning abilities, speech, and other activities that are normally performed independently. However, she is a very good swimmer. She can swim for hours if someone does not tell her to get out of the pool. She also enjoys music and dancing."

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